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New tools, leap-frogging and BYOD fuel surge in enterprise collaboration

A chat with Simon Farr, BT expert on innovation. BT are Gold Sponsors at Ovum Industry Congress Europe, taking place in Amsterdam on 2nd October.


What’s new in enterprise collaboration?

I think we’ve finally reached an inflection point where companies are moving from dabbling with these technologies to really deploying them.  Everyone has been trying to be as agile as possible to meet economic pressures, and they’re realising that the latest tools for communications and collaborative working are powerful ways to make that happen.  This has been going on for a while, but now the user community is really pushing.  People are using these tools in their everyday lives and if the technology isn’t available officially, they’re going to find a way around the rules.

Who’s setting best practice?

There’s no one standout; different companies are doing different things well.  We see some industries, for example, taking a more aggressive stance than others in adoption of specific tools.  We’ve worked with a lot of banks who are strong, early adopters of video.  Telepresence has been very widespread in FMCG, and now that’s proliferating down to desktops.  Oil and gas companies, we’ve found, are keen on all sorts of collaborative technologies because of their need for expert opinion, fast, in some pretty inaccessible regions.

So what’s holding corporations back?

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