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Digital Leadership @InsideHigherEd #futureedtech

Source: Inside Higher Ed by Eric Stoller

There are multiple qualities that make for a good leader. Listening, self-awareness, and a lack of ego are some of my favorite attributes. Those who lead don’t have to be loud or brash or even always right. Leadership is a nuanced path.

When it comes to digital leadership, this is where a lot of highly respected leaders don’t always make the leap from brick-and-mortar spaces to digital environs. For 13 years, I have worked in higher education. My career has always been focused around the intersections of technology, communications, and organizational dynamics. Since 2002, I have come to the realization that digital leadership requires three elements in order to be successful: experimentation, learning, and bravery.

Experimentation is something that we all have done. As children, we have built imaginary worlds, constructed sand castles, and gotten our hands dirty doing all sorts of wonderfully playful things. Kids experiment as a means of learning new things. When we get to a place in our lives where we identify as adults, some of us lose that spirit of play. Our experimental sandboxes are cast aside as we seek order and routine. To be a successful digital leader means that you’ll always be experimenting. A sense of wonder, trial-and-error, and joy at not always knowing something is required to be a leader in digital spaces. Not knowing things as a leader is okay. However, being open to experimenting AND making time to do it is crucial to figuring out how to be better at your job and to lead those who look to you for guidance and wisdom.

Lifelong learning is the only way to truly live. If you’re working in higher education, you’re probably instilling the concept of lifelong learning into your students. The journey of learning is a constant. In digital spaces, the climb towards the top of our technology-mountains is an infinite path. Plus, a willingness to learn new things is how leaders role model a way of being that can send positive ripples through an organizations culture. What you learn today will evolve tomorrow as you add layers of new information that guide your decisions, plans, and strategies. You will always be better off in the future if you keep an open mind to learning new things today.

Fear is a tricky thing. It keeps us in a fixed position. Our ability to learn and experiment is often connected to our internal sense of bravery. Being brave doesn’t mean that we’re loud or arrogant. It’s a sense of inner strength that says that it’s okay to not know how a technology works or to be aware of a lack of awareness of all of the latest social media apps. However, bravery makes us secure in the knowledge that we can always go back to our digital sandbox and learn new things.

Digital leaders manifest in myriad ways. They are almost always quietly brave, instilled with a spirit of lifelong learning, and engaged in ongoing experiments.

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Future Edtech 2015 | Full agenda announced! 50+ speakers, 35+sessions #futureedtech

The Future EdTech Team are delighted to announce the event brochure. 50+ hand-picked speakers, 35+ insightful sessions to choose from, 10+ hours of networking, a social events programme and 250+ of your peers in attendance make Future EdTech 2015 THE must attend event!

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2015 Trends to Watch: Higher Education #futureedtech

Ovum has recently announced: “2015 Trends to Watch: Higher
Education” highlighting:

  • The conversation about changing delivery models for teaching and learning will continue.
  • The student experience will take center stage.
  •  A more serious discussion on sustainable IT delivery models will begin.

Click here to view the full report.


  • Identifies the key business trends in higher education in 2015 for the benefit of vendors and  institutions.
  • Examines approaches that institutions might take to reduce the cost of services without impacting  quality.
  • Discusses the roles that online learning, analytics, CRM, and cloud delivery models will play in  higher education in the coming year.


  • What are the trends that will affect the higher education industry in 2015?
  •  How do institutions plan to reduce the cost of services without impacting quality?

Click here to view the full report.

Ovum is the Official Research Partner for the Future Edtech Conference, taking place in London between 2-3 June 2015.  

Informed by input from our expert Advisory Board and exclusive Analysts’ insight, this two-day conference will have the impact lacking from larger, less focused events.  You will be able to maximise the return on your time out of the office and tailor your conference itinerary around your most pressing knowledge gathering and networking needs.



A unique opportunity for:

  • Administration leaders to frame the technology debate within a wider strategic perspective of how to improve student success, enrich the student experience, and thrive in the new education economy
  • IT and learning technology leaders to contextualise technology innovations and their deployment within changing institutional models and align the IT agenda with institutional goals and strategy
  • Academia and pedagogy leaders to assess the value that new technology brings to the student experience, teaching innovation and technology enabled best in class teaching and learning
  • A cross-functional approach to address the issues at the core of transformational change in HE and find collaborative solutions to fulfil institutional goals

Edtech agenda

Visit the website for more information about the event and to view  our fantastic lineup of speakers!


How can councils be effective online, and Public Sector Enterprise Insights

The Ovum events team will shortly be tuning into a live chat on the Guardian website, entitled How can councils be effective online, inspired by the Government’s Digital by Default Strategy. This ties in nicely with (a) a massive research initiative that Ovum has undertaken, and (b) an event that we’ve got coming up in March 2014, Public Sector Enterprise Insights.

The UK public sector spends c£45bn on goods and services annually, of which c£26bn is spent on IT. The UK is the most open public sector market in the world and the UK government is determined to broaden its supplier base and include SMEs.

The UK Cabinet Office has declared that it wants to bring spending on IT down to c£16bn so is looking for smarter value propositions from vendors and smarter purchasing from enterprises. Ovum has invested $1 million+ and 2,500 analyst hours in what we believe is the largest ever primary research program of 6,500 enterprise IT executives, in order to inform these smarter ways of working. With coverage of c.60 geographies, 17 industries and c.70 sub-industries its value is not just in its scale alone.

Asking the right questions is always the key and bringing together the creative input of over 20 of Ovum’s finest analysts as well as client input, we covered the crucial topics that those in Public Sector IT need to know. To give a feeling for the scope, the main areas covered include IT budget trends, technology investment priorities, decision-making criteria, vendor perception and industry-specific priorities.

The results of this research will be shared in London in March, co-located with our Transforming Health agenda. Public Sector and Enterprise IT professionals can claim a complimentary pass for the event.

Right, back to the Guardian live chat!