Speaker in the Spotlight with Rocco Labellarte #FutureofWork

In conversation with…


Rocco Labellarte, Head of Technology and Change Delivery
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council

Rocco Labellarte is CIO and Head of Technology and Change Delivery for the Royal Borough Windsor and Maidenhead, a unitary local authority in Berkshire.

His work experience spans commercial and public sectors, at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Unilever, Calvin Klein and several local authorities. He was ranked in the top 20 UK CIOs by “Computing” in late 2014. He has delivered various models of shared service, an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution and translating digital innovation into hard business benefits.

We recently caught up with Rocco and asked him a few questions around the Future of Work. 

  1. What are the top 3 biggest challenges and/or opportunities you see in the FoW space?

    a. Simplifying how we communicate and collaborate at work. Making the tools more intelligent, optimising the time we spend in dialogue, providing more time to be productive.

    b. Re-defining the boundary inside and outside of work. Technology allows work to spill over into our non-work space. It is not about limiting where and when we work, rather, making us more effective at doing our work, in work.

    c. Developing the skills necessary to transform existing business processes and technologies into consumer-style solutions – commoditised, standardised, simple to use, reliable solutions that eliminate back office processing. End-to-end automation of business.

  2. What is/are the main FoW innovation project(s) you’re currently leading to benefit your organisation?

    We are developing a blueprint for local government organisations called “Council as a Service”. It will deliver three game-changing benefits: a transformational “all-in-one” Email, Case, Record, Document and Meeting Management collaboration solution; simplified automation of business process workflows and a 40% saving on back office case and document management systems.

  3. What are you looking to achieve by participating in the event?

    Networking, exchanging ideas, getting to see who had delivered real innovation, and what the future holds.

  4. Which specific recent FoW project/ key initiative have you led or been part of that you’re particularly proud of?

    We recently completed the first full implementation in the UK of a local government hybrid Cloud infrastructure environment, as reported in the July 2014 blog of Government Digital Services (GDS).


Rocco will be speaking at the Future of Work Summit, taking place on the 24th November 2015, at the Amba Marble Arch (formerly known as the Thistle Marble Arch) in London. To hear from him and 25+ fantastic thought leaders in the FoW space, make sure you register for your FREE pass here.


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