The Future of Work, according to the Greenpeace Head of IT

Andrew Hatton, Head of IT at Greenpeace, will be participating in an Industry Leaders panel session at Future of Work Summit in London on 25 November, entitled ‘The future of work – What’s all the fuss about?’, alongside Senior Executives from the BBC and Camden Council. View the latest agenda here. We caught up with him to talk about his experience to date, as well as what he considers will shape the Future of Work.

Andrew HattonOvum: From a learning experience viewpoint, what has been your most valuable lesson in your working career, or your most successful failure?

Andrew Hatton: To Listen. The importance of listening, as part of being an effective manager and leader cannot be overstated.

Ovum: What are some of the challenges of your job?


  1. To operate as sustainably as possible.
  2. Coming up with truly sustainable solutions to problems can sometimes be harder than it should, whether that’s IT or choosing office equipment.

Ovum: What technology would you like to see changing the way we do business in the future?

AH: All data centres becoming clean and green, so organisations’ online operations become more sustainable.

Ovum: What one thing would you implement tomorrow if you knew you were guaranteed to succeed?

AH: An end to built-in obsolescence in so many of today’s electronic products (e.g. mobile phones, laptops, TVs).

The understanding already exists to make things fixable and upgradeable. But in some cases we are going backwards not forwards (e.g. gluing batteries into products so they can’t be removed is a bad idea). What is lacking is not in the main part technical understanding but the political will, to change things for the better. Groups like Greenpeace and iFixit are working to try and change this.

Ovum: Describe your ideal working environment 10 years from now?

AH: The Greenpeace UK Office, as it is now! (We are lucky, we have a wonderful garden in the centre of London. In Springtime it’s the most amazing place)

Ovum: What has been the most rewarding project you worked on, and why it was rewarding?

AH: Opening one of London’s First Cyber Cafés back in 1995 and experiencing first hand people’s sense of wonder of browsing the web for the very first time.

Ovum: What in your opinion will be the next big change in the way that we work and the way in which businesses engage with their employees – and specifically the way IT has to service their customers?

AH: Green IT 2.0 (I know 2.0 “anything” is now somewhat of a cliché).

But basically I think more and more employees will want to ensure that their organisation is operating sustainably and that will include IT. So, IT needs to make sure that it’s offering those services and devices that are best in class from a Green IT perspective, whether it’s the type of phone being offered or the Cloud service the company uses.

You can view all of the topics to be discussed at Future of Work Summit on the event agenda, and you can discuss these topics and more with Andrew, and all our speakers, by registering today (enterprise end-users can claim a complimentary pass).


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