Taking advantage of the human factor

Guest post from IBM Security Systems

IBM is Gold Sponsor at Identity and Access Management, taking place in London on 22nd October. Enterprise IT professionals can claim a complimentary pass for the event, here.

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No one doubts that social media is a valuable tool for business.  Unfortunately it is now a top asset for cyber-criminals too, playing a pivotal role in the way in which they reach their targets.  Initially seen as a rich source for gathering the intelligence required for more sophisticated attacks, nowadays attackers are using the psychology behind social media to gain and exploit users’ trust.

  • A single attack can influence the actions of millions of people in real-time as shown when a compromised trusted account sent out false information about explosions at the White House causing a “flash crash” of the US stock market.
  • If a Twitter account with millions of followers sends a link to an infected site the odds of some of those recipients clicking on the link are greatly increased.
  • By compromising a central site and using it to serve malware attackers are able to reach more technically savvy victims who might not be fooled by phishing attempts.

The only effective defence is awareness and education to understand the latest security risks and stay ahead of emerging threats.  Join the IBM experts at Ovum Identity & Access Management on 22nd October to find out what you can do to help keep your organization secure.


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