How has the PPI scandal re-shaped business processes?

The PPI mis-selling scandal has rocked the banking industry in recent years, with an estimated £1.1bn having been paid out in compensation so far, and billions more set aside for future claims. This has a massive effect on the business process of banks and financial institutions, but also has a wider effect on all B2C organisations; an increasingly litigious population, able to feed back immediately to the world via social media (see the Twitter user who recently bought a Promoted Tweet to complain about British Airways), can hold enterprises to account publically. Therefore all companies need to make sure that their business processes are watertight: attending Business Process Management Forum will help you achieve this.

The day commences with a plenary session, featuring keynote presentations from experts including Oracle, Gary Barnett, Ovum’s resident BPM expert, and end users including BP. Session titles include:

  • BPM – the saviour of the CIO?
  • Does your process drive your people, or do the people drive your process?
  • BPM: demonstrating business value
  • BPM and the customer experience

The day then splits into two tracks: BPM Art, dealing with the business practices and excellence required to roll-out business improvement in your enterprise, and BPM Engineering, looking at the technical know-how required to foment better business process.

The day concludes with panel sessions covering The Place of BPM in enterprise architecture, and Trends to Watch for BPM in 2014.

Take a look at the full agenda at a glance here.

With support from Oracle, Appian, Estafet and IBM, and registrations from many delegates in the Financial, Public, Manufacturing, Utilities, Transport and Retail sectors, now is the time to secure your participation at the event next month. End-user enterprises can claim a complimentary pass for the event – claim yours today, and start looking forward to how Ovum and its partners can inform your business processes.

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