Enterprise 2020: IT for the workplace of tomorrow

The Road Ahead for the Knowledge Worker

Ovum has published a series of reports on Enterprise 2020: the workplace of tomorrow, with specific focus on the activity and status of the tech giants Citrix; Google; VMWare and Yammer. A summary of the analysis is below, and you can download all the reports, as well as the conclusive report, by completing the form here. You can find out much more about the workplace of tomorrow by attending Ovum’s Future of Work Summit (21 November, CBI Conference Centre, London). Don’t forget that enterprise end users can claim a complimentary pass for all of Ovum’s events. Don’t miss out!

“This report examines the changing nature of IT strategy and the role of the IT department as we head toward 2020. It considers the influencers and drivers of new provisioning models for enterprise applications, tools, and collaboration services, and evaluates the changing nature of the relationship between employee and employer.

While most CIOs are rightly concerned with the here-and-now, Ovum foresees disruption to traditional approaches to IT, and predicts new opportunities for IT to bring earnings growth to the enterprise. The technology decisions taken now by business and IT professionals will determine how well prepared and adapted their organizations are for the new employee and market requirements that emerge over the coming years.

A handful of vendors dominated the enterprise collaboration market through to the end of 2010, but in the past 24 months new delivery models, enterprise application genres, and devices have created a market that is wide open to fresh entrants. This analysis brings together the thoughts, opinions, and strategies of four major vendors – Google, Citrix, VMware, and Yammer – and explores how they are shaping the future of the enterprise collaboration space. We compare and contrast their differing approaches while also highlighting key areas of commonality. In the brave new world of SaaS, cloud, and consumerization, these vendors are promising to help take their enterprise customers on a journey and to be true innovation partners. For the CIO, the choice is which vendor to go along with.”

Download the reports to find out more…

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